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Guitar legend Robben Ford and special guest Sonny Landreth conduct Dojo Guitar Camp — a privileged-access experience to a once-in-a-lifetime gathering.

Few guitarists have simultaneously shattered the boundaries of blues guitar with such eloquence and melodic invention as Robben Ford and slide guitar visionary Sonny Landreth. And from August 4-8, at the elegantly rustic Full Moon Resort, in the Catskill Forest Preserve (about 30 miles west of Woodstock), guitar enthusiasts and guitarists of all skill levels will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get inside the minds and see the hands up close of these music icons. Registration is limited to 100 guests to ensure an intimate, immersive experience.

The Traveling Dojo Guitar Camp enrollment is open to guitar buffs and guitarists of all levels. Participants will enjoy a fully immersive learning experience organized by Robben Ford. In addition to his robust profile as a world-class musician, Ford is a highly sought-after educator with a series of acclaimed and groundbreaking interactive videos presented on a variety of formats including disks, downloads and mobile apps. This Traveling Dojo Guitar Camp will include master classes, one-on-one sessions, landmark live performances with sit-in opportunities, and all-inclusive meal options and lodging accommodations.

“I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years because teaching is very personal to me,” Ford says. “There is so much information out there — different players, pedals, amps, and guitars — that a lot of people have trouble finding themselves. It’s my aim to help people connect to their own inner creativity as guitarists so that each participant can unlock their potential.”

Landreth adds: “An opportunity like this, where people can ask questions in real time, allows for spontaneity—one question might lead to an exciting new direction. Plus, there’s just nothing like sitting in front of a musician and feeling that energy.”

In addition to Ford and Landreth, Ford’s ace rhythm section (Brian Allen bass and Wes Little drums) will conduct master classes on groove, time, and pocket, and Ford’s friend and trusted guitar tech, Rick Wheeler, a jazz virtuoso, will also conduct sessions on jazz guitar.

One of the most thrilling aspects of the Traveling Dojo Guitar Camp will be hearing these complimentary talents make music together. Though they’ve traveled in similar circles and occasionally worked together, this event marks the first in-depth and prolonged interaction between these two musical giants. Ford says: “Sonny and I have been acquainted for years but never spent a length of time together. I’m really happy to finally get a chance to do something with him. What he does is so beautiful and soulful.” Sonny returns: “Robben Ford is one of my biggest heroes, and he is one of the most unique players of all time. We have a lot to draw from — it will feel like coming home.”

Robben Ford's Traveling Dojo Guitar Camp